Riva Slaughter / Deboning Company

Welcome to the website of Riva Slacht- en Uitbeenbedrijf B.V. Riva is a specialized service provider in the meat processing sector. With more than 30 years of meat experience,

Riva's staff know their male on the work floor. Whether it's slaughterers, deboners, cuttings, butchers and packers. We offer you the total package as a meat processor as a specialized service provider.

We have extensive experience in the Beef, Veal and Pork segment. In addition to all the quality and hygiene, there are requirements for our clients' locations within the production.

Riva Slacht- en Uitbeenbedrijf also have its own quality system / manual, with process, hygiene requirements and control moments.

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Quality system / manual

Riva slaughter and deboning company has its own quality system / manual specifically focused on the food industry.

This quality system / manual, the company's discipline brought home to work continuously on its quality it was recorded in a manual and is adjusted annually.

The quality system / manual is dedicated to the business of slaughtering and deboning Riva and meets the demands and requirements that apply within the food industry.

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